If you and your team feel like you’re getting into a bit of a rut, it may be time to level up your team’s workflow process. Perhaps your team has taken on more work than it can manage, or you’re just tired of constantly playing catch up to track all of your projects and work responsibilities. 

Task management team board
Task management team board

Many small and mid-size teams have benefited from investing in a task management software. It can help to streamline your workflow and organize all those sticky notes on your desk and monitor.

There are so many tools to choose from, it can be overwhelming. Two you should consider are Asana and Monday. They are some of the most popular options currently available and for good reason. Their UX design and intuitive interfaces make them both easy for anyone to use.

Asana vs Monday Display

Both Asana and Monday offer free trials, and their pricing plans are scalable based on users per month. Asana’s free version works for teams of 15 people or less. You won’t get access to all the features, but it at least gives you the basics if you’re on a small budget or just have simple projects. 

Asana vs Monday free option
Asana vs Monday free option

Monday also requires an upgrade to get the full list of features, but its free version includes 200 boards and 20 column types to create all kinds of “pulses” to work from. 

Monday’s paid pricing plans start at $6/user/month and Asana’s start at $10.99/user/month. The paid plans for Asana include access to its new Workflow Builder, which helps you create automated processes to coordinate your teams. 

Both Monday and Asana have enterprise pricing options for larger organizations that need them.

Final thoughts

For Asana vs Monday, they both offer very similar features you’d expect for a project management tool. It comes down to a personal preference for UX design and the user experience of how work progress is visualized. 

It may be worth doing a free trial of both to see how they compare with each other. Either way, both platforms are excellent options for workflow management for small and midsize teams. 

Have you used Asana or Monday? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below about which features and capabilities you like the best.

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