About us

We are a digital lifestyle content site with one objetive in mind:

Empower people to live their best lives.

We create content, products and events that inspire others to live the life of their dreams. Use Great is for anyone who wants to see more of the world, has an entrepreneurial spirit or just wants to do something different with their life.

Meet the Team



Stephen is a tech enthusiast who loves football, cooking gourmet meals and learning new things. He's tall and has a kind face that radiates intelligence. Stephen enjoys spending time with his friends, meeting people from different cultures, travelling to new places, reading books about art or technology and loves playing video games! He also likes to stay fit by running every morning before work.


Marce is a world traveller with a heavy Latin influence. She's the backbone our organization - she puts order in the house and makes sure everything is in motion. Her infectious energy is rivaled only by her passion for helping others. No matter where she goes, Marce always brings a little bit of spice with her.


Nick is the in-house genius. If you need to know something, he's your guy. He loves spending time in the mountains with his dogs, and is always up for a good intellectual debate. He's extremely smart and has an uncanny ability to remember everything he ever learns.


Gus is the problem solver of the group. If there's a sticky situation, Gus is the one who can get them out. He loves spending time with his family and going for walks on the beach - even if he doesn't have the perfect beach bod. Gus proves that you don't need to be a fitness fanatic to enjoy living by the sea!