FlexiSpot Standing Desk Review

In this post, you’ll see:

  • Our general impression of the FlexiSpot Desk
  • What the FlexiSpot standing desk does well and doesn’t do well
  • Our breakdown of the FlexiSpot’s features
  • Who this desk is best for
  • Whether the FlexiSpot desk is worth the money. And a lot more.

An electric adjustable-height standing desk is a product that is getting a lot more attention nowadays. People have realized that purchasing better quality desks is just as important as having good office chairs.

FlexiSpot delivers that at an affordable price. And that is what makes it stand out.

FlexiSpot Standing Desk

“A high-quality, good-looking, customizable standing desk that’s best for medium spaces.”

The FlexiSpot is the most customizable desk we’ve ever tested, and its wide height range works for people from 5 feet to 6.5 feet tall.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Good-looking design
  • Spacious
  • Customizable


  • The base version is too simple
  • Cable management needs upgrades

Price: $329.99

Rating: 4/5


Our Recommendation:

If you’re looking for a no-frills, entry-level standing desk that’s budget-friendly, the FlexiSpot Standing Desk is highly worth considering.

Key features of the FlexiSpot Standing Desk


Type: Motorized

Height Range: 28” to 47.6”

Desk size: 48” x 24”


  • Ample space
  • Great desk height range

Ample desktop space is a feature that we insist on. This desk fits up to 3 monitors, multiple keyboards, and many other gadgets.

We found that the desk maintained stability even at its highest settings. There was very little, if any, wobble as we worked.


The FlexiSpot Standing Desk frame design gives you plenty of legroom (not always the case) without sacrificing stability.

You get to choose whether you want a rectangular or curved desktop. The second option is slightly more expensive but more comfortable. Curved desktops allow the user to rest their arms on the side of the desk, which encourages better ergonomics.


Flexispot offers a range of desk ci-sizes. Starting from 48”x 24” for smaller spaces up to 78” x 30” inches.  The larger size is our pick if you have the room. If you need a larger desk surface, we recommend the upgrade pick.

Storage and Organization Space

The desk does not come with storage. For $80, you can add a maple wood under desk storage unit (desktop drilling required) and for $170 a file cabinet.

Cable management

The Flexispot does not come with a cable management system. For $25, you can add on the “Cable Spine” cable management system that works with your desk.


The desktop is made of long-lasting and scratch-resistant Bamboo.  Solid base construction combined with the bamboo desktop lets FlexiSpot desks support up to 220lbs (100 kg).


FlexiSpot gives you two options for keypads:

  • A basic version that only has up and down buttons; you have to input the exact height each time you make a height adjustment.
  • And an advanced version that has 3 changeable presets for stored heights.  


Moving it around can be a little tricky since the desk is quite heavy. FlexiSpot doesn’t offer options with wheels.

Our advice: 
Place the desk where you want it before assembly. You’ll thank us.

Easy assembly

It is intuitive and easy to assemble the standing desk. Generally, it takes about an hour to put everything together.

Check out the assembly process.


The desk is stable even at its highest point and has excellent balance while moving up and down.


The Flexispot adjusts down to  28” and up to a maximum height of 47.6”. It gets a bit noisy when the desk moves because of the single motor.  It’s part of the cost savings. But it didn’t affect our overall experience.

Height and Memory Settings

Because of the adjustable range, this desk works best for people between 5’0″ to 6’5″ tall. It comes with a simple height adjustable keypad. As mentioned above, if you want presets, you’ll need to upgrade to the advanced keypad.

How does the Flexispot compare with other standing desks?

Upgrade Pick

Vari Electric Standing Desk (60”x30”)

For $795, you are getting one of the best in the market.

Three key points:

  • The desk assembly is more manageable, though not a cakewalk.
  • The base controller comes with four programmable memory settings.  So you don’t need to poney up extra cash for an advanced keypad, like with the Flexispot.
  • Select from five different finishes.

Budget Pick

FlexiSpot Standard Standing Desk EC1

The Standard Standing Desk, by FlexiSpot, is one of the cheapest standing desks you will find out there.

It provides the same toughness and materials as our reviewed version, and you can select from 48” × 30” to 60” × 30” with three other ci-sizes available.

The EC1 costs $220.
This desk is a good value. But, what you see is what you get.

The downsides?
Flexispot’s EC1 is much less customizable, rectangular-only, and considerably smaller.

Buy FLEXISPOT EC1 Standing Desk Adjustable Height Electric Home Office Desks  Heavy Duty Steel Stand Up Desk (EC1 Classic Black Frame+ 48x30 in Black  Top) Online in Vietnam. B08HCVL24Y

Another Option

Jarvis Laminate Standing Desk

Starting at $549, the Jarvis Laminate Standing desk is:

  • Waterproof
  • Scratch-resistant
  • High-quality laminate
  • Available in 3 colors and different ci-sizes
  • A particleboard core made of pre-consumer recycled wood fiber 
  • Lifting capacity of 348lbs(158 kg), beating the vast majority of the competition.
Jarvis Laminate Standing Desk, Best for Offices - Fully

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