Everyone wants to sleep deeply, live stress-free, and focus more in this hectic world.

Apollo Neuro and Hapbee wearables claim to do these tasks more effectively.

Both wearable devices offer many health benefits, including stress reduction.

But which one is best and suits your needs?

In this article, We’ve honestly compared both the wearables and picked the winner based on these factors:

  • Main Specifications
  • Design and Build Quality
  • Science Behind It
  • Modes
  • Price

Let’s dive right in!

Our Quick Take

Overall: Apollo Neuro

The Apollo Neuro has been proven to improve sleep quality, focus and reduce stress. With seven modes, you can choose what you want from more deep sleep to energy. It comes with a companion app that you can use to control it.

Runner-Up: Hapbee

Hapbee is another product that can help you enhance your performance and live stress-free. Using the seven signals, you can be Happy, Calm, Relaxed, Alert, focused, Bedtime, or Deep Sleep. In addition, you can control it with a mobile app.

Apollo Neuro vs Hapbee: Overview

First, look at these wearables.

Apollo Neuro

Apollo Neuro Wearable

The Apollo Neuro wearable device uses gentle vibrations to improve your health. The vibrations stimulate your nervous system and circulate your blood.

It improves sleep quality, reduces stress levels, and boosts energy levels.

Moreover, it relieves pain and speeds up recovery from injuries. You can wear the device on your wrist and ankle.

The device has seven different modes to help you reach your full potential: Relax and Unwind, Rebuild and Recover, Energy and Wake Up, Social and Open, Clear and Focused, Meditation and Mindfulness, Sleep and Renew.

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Hapbee Wearable

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